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Maximum protection against dust. If you want a car to be as clean when it's uncovered as it was when covered, this is the fabric to use. The lightweight design allows for easy use and storage. Softest against fine paint finishes and almost totally dustproof. The top two layers are polypropylene / polyethylene spunbond with a meltblown polypropylene middle layer to provide a superior barrier against dust. Soft, high-loft composite spunbond inner layer pampers and protects the vehicle's finish. Multi-layer construction provides substantially better dust protection compared to traditional woven material.

Key Features & Benefits

  • Maximum protection against dust from Kimberly-Clark
  • 4 Layers provides better protection than traditional woven material
  • Superior dust protection
  • 4-year warranty
  • Fabric is Made in the USA
  • Soft paint-protecting inner polypropylene/polyethylene layer pampers and protects the vehicle's finish