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Effective December 1, 2015

Car Cover and Interior Cover Fabrics Warranty
WeatherShield® HD and Sunbrella® 6 Years Limited
Ultra'tect® 5 Years Limited
WeatherShield® HP / Form-Fit® / NOAH® 4 Years Limited
Block-It® Evolution® / Technalon® / Dustop™ 4 Years Limited
Reflec’tect® / Deluxe/Block-it® 380 Series 3 Years Limited
Multibond® / Block-It® 200 Series (formerly Sentrex) / Fleeced Satin 2 Years Limited
Tan Flannel / Polycotton 90 Days Limited
Materials are not waterproof - they are breathable to allow moisture, condensation and heat to escape from under the fabric.
Powersports Covers Warranty
Pack Lite® WeatherShield® HP (Motorcycle Full Covers) 4 Years Limited
Form-Fit® (Motorcycle Covers-Indoor Use Only) 4 Years Limited
Ready-Fit® Scooter Covers 3 Years Limited
Sunbrella® (Watercraft Covers) 6 Years Limited
Ultra’tect® (Watercraft Covers) 5 Years Limited
Silver and Black Urethane (Ready-Fit® Motorcycle Covers) 2 Years Limited
Green Camo and Silver Urethane (Ready-Fit® ATV Covers) 2 Years Limited
Seat Shield™ (Motorcycle Seat Protection) 2 Years Limited
Black Flannel (Harley-Davidson® Motorcycles-Indoor Use Only) 90 Days Limited
Misc. Products Warranty
Original DashMat® and UltiMat® Lifetime Limited
Ltd. Edition by DashMat® /SuedeMat® / VelourMat® 2 Years Limited
All Colgan Custom® Products 3 Years Limited
Pro Net™ / Pro Runner™ Tailgate Nets and the Auto Snow Shield 1 Year
Sturdee Carband™ (excludes any runs created in the fabric by pulled yarns) 1 Year
Premier™ Floor Mats 1 Year
LeBra® Masks / Covercraft® Masks / Spare Tire Covers 1 Year
UVS100® HeatShield / Flex Shade® SunShield 90 Days
Spidy Gear® Luggage Webb, Bed Webb & Blind Webb 1 Year
Custom Pocket Pods® 1 Year
Canine Covers® / Pet Pads / Cargo Area Pet Pads / Cargo Area Liners® 90 Days
SeatSaver™ Seat Protector / SeatSaver™ WT / SeatGloves® 1 Year
Carhartt® SeatSavers™ (RealTree® Camo NOT warrantied for UV fade or abrasion) 2 Year
SeatHeater™ Seat Heating Kit for SeatSavers & SeatGloves 1 Year by Check Corp
SnapRing TireSavers® / RV SofaSaver 1 Year
All Other Products 90 Days
Misc. Accessories & Options Warranty
Custom cover storage bags – Polycotton (our standard storage bag) 1 Year
Matching storage bag to fabric of vehicle cover Matches the
fabric warranty
ZTOTE - Zipper tote bag 1 Year
ZCBL – Cable & lock kit 1 Year
Custom embroidery 90 Days
Reflective welting Matches the
fabric warranty
Gust Guard 1 Year